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 Gharri Pastoralist chanting Vide...

Gharri Pastoralist chanting Video from Huddett

Gharri Video  2008 From Huddett

Gharri Video 2008 From Huddett

Kenya Govt. summoned by U.N over rights violations Kenya Govt. summoned by U.N over human rights violations

GCONA 4rth Annual Conference Video Clip May 2008   GCONA 4rth Annual Conference Video Clip May 2008


Who Is Adan Mohamed Nura?

Gharri Camels and it's young herders   Video

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Hon. Billow Kerow's Re-Election Campaign Public Rally

Hon. Billow Kerow's  Re-Election Campaign Public Rally Gurgharri

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From: Gurgharri

 Gur Gharri Online Radio Interview with  PM Mr. Ibrahim  March 10, 2008





Drought bites in Takaba, Kenya by ..ntv kenya

Welcome To An Interview with Ceelwaaq Mayor Mr. Hussein  Katelo

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Elwak: a land of wisdom, full of  centuries old heroic memories  BY ISAAC  gsg MEMBER 

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 Ethiopia- Ethiopian Arbengnoch (heroes) version1

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Gharri Video

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US fury over maize handling delay standoff has emerged between Kenya government and the US embassy over the handling and distribution of maize and wheat... Read More

 Dhowaan waxaa nageele oo ah magaalo ka mid ah gbolka guji  la isugu yeerey dhammaan maamumulada heer  gobol  iyo  heer degmo  Soomaalida iyo  Oromada, isla dega  konfurta Itoobiya gaar ahaan kuwa soo saaran xadka kenya ay la wadaagto Itoobiya. Waxaana shirkaas  ka  soo  baxey go'aanadan hoos ku  qoran....

Zimbabwe cabinet to be sworn in

The formation of Zimbabwe's unity government is due to be completed with the swearing-in of a new cabinet

 Obama nears win on stimulus plan to boost economy 

By Jeremy Pelofsky and Richard Cowan WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Lawmakers prepared on Thursday to pass a $789 billion stimulus package to revive the struggling economy in a victory for President Barack Obama that some warned may have costly consequences.

From Moyale District, Western Gharri Region February 07, 2009 by Gur Gharri GSG News  contributor Gharri Warriors have defended their motherland successfully once again. The enemy militias have been crushed. The latest information received from EL Gof indicates that Five enemy forces were killed and the rest ....

Fighting Spreads to Moyale Outskirts, in Western Gharri Region February 05, 2009 by Gur Gharri GSG News  contributor  Fighting between Gharri and Oromo militia has spread like wild fire on Thursday beyond the Huddatt District capital to the Abitu Northwest of Moyale city.

Hot News Fire AnimationVERY HIGH TENTION BETWEEN THE GHARRI AND THE OROMO REGION as G.D. F. Fighters pressure the Oromo Bandits trying to dislodge them out of the Gharri land: Februray 005, 2009 by Gur Gharri GSG News  contributor On Wednesday February 4, 2009, the Oromo bandits raided Gubba Eddi village, located in Moyle District, Western Gharri Region killing

  News Brief From Moyale, Western Gharri Region:   Tuesday February 03, 2009 Gur Gharri GSG News contributor: On January 30, 2009, two Gharri men were brutally murdered by Oromo gunmen near Wachile, Huddett District. Also, the Oromo invaders have been removed from...

 Obama poised to become 44th president

Barack Obama prepared to make history as the first black U.S. president, riding a wave of public optimism he will need to tap to deal with the worst economic crisis in 70 years and two wars. Full Coverage | Slideshow 

Shaky truce holds in Gaza Gazans take stock of destruction as Israeli troops and Palestinian fighters hold fire.

 Somali executed for 'apostasy'

Islamists execute a Somali politician who they accused of changing his religion by working with non-Muslim Ethiopian forces.

 Islamists take bases in Mogadishu

Somali Islamist insurgents take over Ethiopian bases as the last of Addis Ababa's troops leave the capital.

 Somali joy as Ethiopians withdraw
Residents of the Somali capital celebrate as Ethiopian troops leave their Mogadishu bases, despite fears of a power vacuum.

Ghana's new leader takes office John Atta Mills is sworn in as Ghana's new president amid celebrations in the capital, Accra, after his narrow election victory.

Gharri Sultan Haji Mohamed Haj Hassan GababaGharri Sultan Haji Mohamed Haj H... This Is  The Gharri Sultan, Haj Mohamed Haji Hassan Gababa. He is also, the Legendary leader, state's man, and proud Gharri son who relentlessly followed his father and grandfather’s footstep in defending and promoting his people's interest.

Israel pounds Gaza for second day, 229 killed GAZA (Reuters) - Israel launched air strikes on Gaza for a second successive day on Sunday, piling pressure on Hamas after 229 people were killed in one of the bloodiest 24 hours for Palestinians in 60 years of conflict with the Jewish state.

Guinea junta seeks to allay fears Guinea's military coup leaders invite foreign diplomats for talks "to reassure" the world about their intentions.

Bold Fed still needs fiscal help No matter how bold the Fed's plan to revive the economy, it is likely to take a stimulus package of as much as a trillion dollars to halt a precipitous slide into deflation.  Full Article 

 Credibility check? Citigroup's repeated assurances that it did not need additional capital, followed by its quick about-face in accepting billions in Treasury aid, has investors wondering what other banks are hiding.  Full Article 

Hot News Fire Animation Obama captures historic White House win  WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Democrat Barack Obama captured the White House on Tuesday after an extraordinary two-year campaign, defeating Republican John McCain to make history as the first black U.S. president. Full Article   |  Video

The Kenyan Minister of defense and his surrogate prosecutors have charged six

  Breaking News From El Wak, Central Gharri Region Tuesday November 04, 2008 On November 02, 2008 one of the recently tortured Gharri victims, Abdulah Hassan Qalla, died

 videoMore video clips depicting El Wak Atrocities have resurfaced again  the North Eastern provincial police officer Stephen Chelimo and the Mandera Central district officer Ole Tutui must be charged along with their boss Yusuf Haji for the atrocities and torture against the El Wak and Wargadud residents.

Xildhibaan Bilow Keerow                                   October 31, 2008 by Gur Gharri GSG News Contributor: Honorable Billow Kerrow has been arrested for speaking out against the injustice perpetuated against the El Wak District indigenous people. Mr. Kerrow was accused of exposing brutal torture against the indigenous people of El Wak District thereby damaging and ----

Military Operation: Security forces accused of manhandling inhuman treatments against the Gharri citizens has been reported in El Wak Districts, and the entire Gharri populations are under Yusuf Haji’s military occupation.

                                                         October 29, 2008 by Gur Gharri GSG News  contributor: Crimes of torture and inhuman treatment of Gharri citizens has been reported in El Wak Districts, and the Gharri populations are under Yusuf Haji’s military occupation in El Wak District.

  Oppressive and Discriminatory Military Operation is Taking Place in Gharri District OCTOBER 25, 2008 by Gur Gharri GSG News  contributor: There are military operations going on in Mandera and the surrounding areas.

The Mandera Dimtu and mandera town  Citizens were attacked by Vicious Rodents and killing Several indigenous Garre people.  It was said that the newly self discovered rodent marmots’ locally known as Murale, invaded Mandera Dimtu on October 17, 2008, and  carried out heinous crimes, killing many innocent unarmed people including an entrepreneur and local hero Mr. Isaac Mohamed. All inferno started thereafter.

  News Brief From Gharri District: (ANO) Tuesday October 07, 2008  by Gur Gharri GSG News  contributor: On October, 06, 2008 Murale gunmen waged war on a Gharri village located about two kilometers west of Mandera town near Koromay. For Full Articles Click here

Ethiopia: Warar sheegay in Xilkii laga qaaday Madaxwaynihii deegaanka Cabdulahi Xasan(Lugbuur)Jijiga(Kilil5)---

Somali pirates 'seize 30 tanks'

Pirates off the coast of Somalia have seeid mubarak.htmlized a Ukrainian ship carrying T-72 tanks, an official says

  On Saturday Sept. 20, 2008, a Somali alliance group consisting of Ogaden, Degodia, and Murale chaired by Mohamed Haji Yusuf, gave the Gharri people an ultimatum to allow

  15 people killed in Mandera clan chaos Wednesday, 17th September 2008 By david ochami

 Central Gharri Region News Update Monday Sept.15, 2008  by Gur Gharri GSG News  contributor: The Mandera East and Garissa District Commissioners have been suspended indefinitely due to their involvement of current land grabbing war waged against the Gharri people. Also, unusually large numbers of Murale Gunmen have been seen gathering around Garri Hill area. So, the GDF are closely monitoring their movement.

Hot News Fire Animation Heavy Fighting has be Reported as G.D. F. Fighters Squeezes the Murale Bandits out of Gharri Hill   Sept. 11, 2008 by Gur Gharri GSG News  contributor: Wargadud, El Wak District (GOL) - Heavy fighting between the GDF and Murale bandits has been reported this morning near the Gharri Hill between Wargadud and Ashabito.

 Current Situational Update From El Wak and Mandera Districts. By Gur Gharri GSG News Contributor Wednesday Sept.10, 2008 The Mandera East DC and his surrogates have been blamed for the recent Alango incident which resulted in the death of two Administrative Police (AP) and fifteen Murale gangsters. 

                        Breaking News From EL Wak, Central Gharri Region   Sept. 08, 2008 by Gur Gharri GSG News  contributor: Mr. Ali Qalla Dido has been arrested in Mandera and the Kenyan police forces are looking for many more Gharri local dealers, but it is not clear why Mr. Dido was arrested for.


A full fledged war has began between Gharri and Murale: By Gur Gharri GSG News contributor On Sept.06, 2008 two Gharri men were brutally murdered by Murale gunmen Subsequently, the Gharri defense force traced the Murale gunmen’s foot prints to Alango, and encountered approximately 150 Murale gunmen there. Fighting ensued on September 7, 2008 and when it all over, ten Murale gunmen and two APs were dead......

Rice set for historic Libya visit Condoleezza Rice will meet Libya's Muammar Gaddafi in a bid to improve relations

Response to demagogue’s FICTIONAL REPORT of wishful event took place in Wargadud: On August, 30, 2008, demagogues named adan usman along with uncle Balla, posted the following fictional stories on his blog that they pulled out from their rear ends. It reads

Restoring a legacy Barack Obama launched an assault on John McCain with a promise to restore the country's reputation and reverse the economic failures of the past eight years.  Video | Full Article 

 Clinton takes spotlight at Democratic convention

The candidate backed by Zimbabwe's opposition MDC is elected speaker of parliament, after MPs were sworn in.


The Gabra and Borana Skirmishes has spilled over into the Gharri Villages: August 20, 2008 by Gur Gharri GSG News contributor On August 19, 2008, Oromo rebels wearing Ethiopian federal police camouflages went to Thathesa village near Chamuq and opened fire killing....

Securing peace Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice arrived in Georgia to show U.S. support and to secure a peace deal to withdraw occupying Russian forces.  Slideshow | Full Article 

 Thre held over Fazul's escape released on bondl Three family members charged with assisting terrorism suspect Fazul Abdullah escape arrest have each been released on a ... Read More

El Wak: August 06, 2008  By Gur Gharri GSG News contributor The Gharri's Reconciliation Agreement has produced very valuable results preserving and bringing the two groups closer than anticipated by many within a short time frame...

 News Brief From El Wak District, Central Gharri Region Monday August. 04, 2008  By Gur Gharri GSG News contributor The Gharri elders, and current Mandera West MP Mr. Mohamud Mohamed along with  former MPS, including Mohamed Abdow, Aredo, Adan M. Noor, are in Mandera discussing  a peace conference between the Gharri and Murale.

                      Gharri Celebrate as Murale Mourns by Gur Gharri GSG News Contributor: On July 30, 2008, Murale hoodlums raided Qurra Mudow near Sotowa Oro, however, a small but, determined band of Gharri Warriors counter attacked them, killing the head of the enemy combatants and wounding 3 . The rest  escaped in disarray.

 News Brief from Moyale, Western Gharri Region by Gur Gharri GSG News Contributor: The GSG has learned that a heinous crime has been committed against an unnamed Gharri household near Maddar, Huddett District.On the evening of July 24, 2008, Gharri citizens of Huddett District were rocked by bad news.

By Gur Gharri GSG News contributor On July 22, 2008, Murale hoodlums ambushed Gharri herders at Sotowa Oro. They killed one and injured two herders. It was said that the victims were following their lost animal’s footprints when they were attacked. Subsequently, a full-fledged war broken out at Garbi Didrki near Wargadud. However, there’s no report of any casualties or injuries available at this time.

 News Brief From Moyale, Western Gharri Region, Friday July 18, 2008 By Gur Gharri GSG News Contributing Member One Gharri owned vehicle carrying food rations for recently displaced Gabra refugees at Huddett was hijacked by Oromo rebels.


  Wednesday July 16, 2008 by Gur Gharri GSG News  contributor:In the past 30 days, the Degodia and Murale have waged an ultimate silent war simultaneously and forcefully settled in the heart of the Gharri land. According to information received from Mandera, Gharri district, while Murale was engaging in a show of force and drilling at Allango, and eyeing Sotowa Oro, the Degody was also.....

 GCONA 4rth Annual Conference Video Clip May 2008 From: gurgharri

The US says it will not recognise the result of this Friday's presidential election run-off in Zimbabwe.

 Breaking News From Western Gharri Region  Monday June 16, 2008 by Gur Gharri GSG News contributor The Moyale district demarcation conference has completed. GSG has learnt that the Somali and Oromo regions presidents and other officials came to Moyale to decide on who should administer Moyale District and determine the boundary between the Gharri and the Borana administrative areas in the district.

 Boog'er man's project As saying goes, a picture tells a thousand or million words, what this dubious thief does always disappoints those who happen to seat with him. Don’t let his look deceive you. He looks innocent and appears as a bird in captivity with broken wings, and hopeless. But out of sight, he is animated and serves as blood sucking leech and feeds our enemies. Just look at the faces of those who were in the room with him. They were shocked seeing him picking in his nose. They were disgusted beyond imagination and disbelieve in witnessing him digging his nose appearing as if he lost his wedding ring inside it. Click here to witness it yourself.

Breaking News From Moyale Western Gharri Region Wednesday April 23, 2008 by Gur Gharri GSG News  contributor: Full-fledged war has broken out between the Gharri and O.P. D. O. region in Western Gharri region. On April 22, 2008, the O.P.D.O’s militias intercepted by the Gharri indigenous land owners and were crushed before they reach El Gof town, killing 3 and wounding

Breaking News From El Wak, Central Gharri Region Friday April 04, 2008  by Gur Gharri GSG News  contributor: The Saga of cattle rustling and thievery has begun between the Gharri and Murale. On Wednesday April 03, 2008, Seven Gharri owned camels were allegedly stolen by........

Breaking News From Western Gharri Region  Tuesday July 25, 2006 by Gur Gharri GSG News contributor Two Gharri mothers are bleeding  in Wargadud once again.  On July 22, 2006 2 Gharri children were killed and 7 others were ...



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