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Elwak: a land of wisdom, full of  centuries old heroic memories  BY ISAAC  gsg MEMBER 

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Rubio hit by heavy fire MANCHESTER, N.H. - Marco Rubio came under heavy attack in the

U.N. announces start of Syria peace talks as government troops advance

Debate rolls on without the elephant in the room

Garri Ali Abdi wishing you Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year 2016

Gov’t taking severe measures against anti-peace forces: Premier Addis Ababa, 16 December 2015 (WIC) - Prime Minister Hailemariam  Desalegn says the government along with the society is taking severe measures against anti-Senator Billow Kerrow, and three MPs were detained and questioned about the alleged mass grave discovery in Mandera County. However, they have been released today on Dec. 10, 2015

BREAKING NEWS from Moyale, Western Gharri Region of Southern Ethiopia By Gur Gharri Dec. 06, 2015 History is in the making in Moyale, Ethiopia: The Ethiopian prime minister Haile Mariam Desalegn and Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta are  

Gunfire erupts near Paris as police hunt fugitives Several suspects in last week's attacks remain holed

Myanmar's Suu Kyi set for sweeping power as election wins mount Read more at

News Update from Western Gharri region, Southern Ethiopia: The Western Gharri region has concluded the selection of community elders that are

Gharri News Update from Western Gharri region, Ethiopia & United States of America

 The honorable Mandera County governor Mr. Ali Ibrahim Roba and five members of his executive committee have arrived in

Ali Ibrahim Roba, the Governor of Mandera County Kenya, will be arriving in Anaheim, CA


Gharri Youth Message to their leaders - Duration: 2:38. BY Gur Gharri

Mandera County News Update by Gur Gharri August 17, 2015

The Gharri Reconciliation Conference and performance assessment of the Gharri elected officials by

News Brief from Mandera County, Central Gharri region

Gharri people, land, and their history

Response to the Daily Nation Web and its nameless coward

   It is a sad day for the Gharri of Mandera County. This morning

July 1, 2015 local time, one Gharri young female was gunned down at Yabicho, Rhamo district by a Degodia wing


On June 17, 2015 death toll from June 15, 2015 Degodia terrorist attacks has reached 6 and  7 injured

Gharri political report and analysis

Tensions are very High between the Gharri and the Borana Communities

Where are the most vicious and elusive home grown terrorists operating in Kenya hiding under the name of Al Shababa, the Somali terrorists?

The Real Terrorists are not in Somalia, but in Kenya’s Statehouse and Wajir C

 Scapegoating local honest businesses and linking them to Somali based terrorist organization is not the answer to combating terrorism in Kenya.

Gharri people, culture and traditional show festival 2015

The Kenya Cabinet Secretary’s Statement dated March 23, 2015 is not

GSG Member's Panel Discussion on a current Situation in Mandera County

Welcome to the Gharri Traditional play called shabal

Gharri Cultureal show and film festival 2015 part 3

Gharri Cultural Show and film festival 2015

historical Gharri Short film by Gur Gharri -

 One Gharri man was stabbed & killed in

GSG Online Radio News October 04, 2004 Provided By Gur Gharri productions


A panel discussion on the recently passed Kenyan anti terrorism

 Gharri leaders Mandera and Marsabit Counties Gharri leaders speaking at 

Celebration of Sultan Mohamed H. Gababa's leadership

A panel discussion on the current situation in Mandera County

Gharri Celebrates 50 years of Sultan Mohamed H. H. Gababa's leadership

This video was taken in Moyale on November 04, 2014, during the celebration of Sultan Mohamed

What can be done to stop the resent criminal activities in Northeastern Kenya?

Gharri Children learning Qur'an in old fashion way

Late 18th and 19th Century Gharri leaders

Inaa Lilaahi wa inaa Ilaahi raajicuun! ALAHA AH U NAXARIISTO Ugass Bukura Somo!Gharri History by the Gharri historian sheikh Abdiwahid Hassan. It is about the Gharri sultan Sheikh Abdimaliq who was a spiritual ... Produced by Gur Gharri


Today marks the 50th anniversary of Sultan Mohamed Haji Hassan Gababa's leadership of the Gharri people and a commemoration of his brother, Sultan Robow

Sultan Robow Haji Hassan Gababa Commemoration of Robow Haji Hassan Gababa 50 years after his death

The Gharri people in the Western Gharri region, Southern Ethiopia will be celebrating in

Commemoration of the life of our beloved and great leader late Sultan Robow Haji Hassan Gababa on November 04, 2014 in Moyale.

Successful stories  of Takaba health services and first  Caesarean Section ever - Takaba - Kenya by S

Mandera County is recovering from ruins of 50 years of Mismanagement. Recently devolved to County Manageme

Gharri herds and its herders at Huddet district bore hole June 2014

Welcome to Kojowa & Qalla Argeessa Villages

Gharri Traditional Show at Choqorsa, Huddet District

Rhamo District is under seized and the Gharri citizens of Rhamo have been tortured by KDF (Kenyan Demented Force) and many

Gharri Patriotic Song by inspiring young men


MANDERA COUNTY: 33 Degodia militia were captured in in the battle in

Response to the and its affiliate KTN channel Distorted False Report dated September 01, 2014

Kenyan watches as the Degodia branch of AL Shebab are terrorizing the Gharri people of

the Degodia community organized terrorists have been funded by Degodia Businessmen and elected official from Wajir County including Eldas MP Adan Kenan, and former Mandera central MP Abdulkadir MANDERA COUNTY: Heavy fighting is going on in Rhamo town since early

Mandera County, KENYA: A heavily armed Degodia branch of Al Shababa raided the town of

Welcome to the El Qala and Choqorsa villages short Film  This video was intended to show how the Gharri pastoralist people have started to settle down in places rather than roam with their

Breaking news from BaNNISSA District, Mandera County

Breaking news from Takaba District, Mandera County, Central Gharri region,

Proposed Peace and Resettlement agreement between the Degodia and Gharri

To the Gharri elected officials, we elected you to represent us, work for us, and protect

The Wajir governor is crying foul blaming the  




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