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Disturbing News from El wak, Mandera County

 June 22, 2016 By Gur Gharri


The Kenya Defense Force has unjustly terrorized the people of El Ram and murdered four small children. Gur Gharri June 22, 2016

The senseless killing of four small children of El Ram is nothing more than a brazen terrorist act.

The Kenyan Defense Force’s killing of innocent children in Mandera County and killing of unarmed Gharri citizens should be seen as a crime against Humanity. The world must condemn them for their actions and hold them accountable. This is not the first time that the Kenyan Defense Force or Police Force has killed innocent women, children and elderly in Mandera County. They are taking their frustrations out on people they are supposed to protect whenever they fail to deal with terrorist groups like Al Shababa and Al Itihad.  Their actions are not any different from Al Shababa or any other terrorists in the region. They both are killing innocent people and terrorizing the communities and interrupts flow of commerce.  

The Kenyan Defense Force’s remorseless and shameful denial of their heinous crimes against this innocent children of El Ram should be a wakeup call for everyone to vehemently condemn their actions.  The killing of unarmed and innocent children is not acceptable and those who commit such heinous crimes are clearly the enemies of the people. Something needs to be done about this senseless killings of 4 yrs old Rayaan Abdullahi Alio, 2) 5 yrs old,  Maimuna Edin Shama, 3) 4yrs old Aisha Abdulaziz Haj Osman,  and 4) 3yrs old Mohamed Alio Issac Shama, and these victims deserve justice. The KDF needs to be disbanded and/or completely overhauled.  










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Only in Ethiopia You Can Find These (Sep06, 2007)

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