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iOnly in Ethiopia You Can Find These (Sep06, 2007)

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The Real Terrorists threat is not from Somalia, but from home grown Degodia terrorists operating from Kenya’s Statehouse and Wajir County

The Uhuru government knows that these terrorists including the accused mastermind terrorists, that massacred 147 Garissa University students are linked to government official and politicians including Uhuru’s legal advisor Abdikadir Mohammed and Major Bashir, whom Mr. Hudson Gumbihi quoted in his ill-conceived article and their uncle Mohammed Abdulahi whose son,

Abdirahim Mohammed Abdulahi was among the terrorists that were killed in the act at the Garissa University College.  This terrorist was schooled by Abdikadir Mohammed, financed by Sheikh Burhan, and trained by Major Bashir.

The wing of Al shabab Degodia terrorist has been roaming around Mandera, Wajir, and Garissa Counties sheltered by the Degodia community for over six years. Their activities have been monitored and sanctioned by the Wajir County Kenyan commissioner, his staff, and police officers in ground and military personnel alike.

It is a known fact that Kenyan CID intelligence agency’s reports have determined that these Degodia community organized terrorists have been funded by Degodia Businessmen and elected official from Wajir County including Eldas MP Adan Kenan, and former Mandera central MP Abdulkadir Mohamed, Sheikh Burhan and Major Bashir

However, the Uhuru government has turned a blind eye to this, because one of the architects of this terrorists is serving as Uhuru Kenyatta’s personal advisor. He has been able to divert attention away from these terrorist activities and cover up their crimes.  


Also, these Wajir County officials have been bribing the Wajir County commissioner and his staff and in the process were able to secure access to free Kenyan military uniforms, and weaponries for these terrorists.

The Wajir County has been made into safe haven for home grown Degodia terrorists. They were able to obtain Kenyan Defense Force (KDF) uniforms, explosives, and ammunitions since 2008 as shown in the video clip. These activities have been hidden from the Kenyan public. There are over 50 ethnicities or tribes living in Kenya and none of them have obtained such equipment and ammunitions except the Degodia clansmen in Wajir County. But, no media dares to ask where the Degodia clansmen are getting these weapons.

As the evidences shows, more than numerous times the Degodia wing of Al Shabab terrorists have been captured with tons of illegal arms, explosives, anti-aircraft missile launchers, and much more. However, nothing has been done to stop them or confiscate their weaponry. Instead, the commissioners and police personnel gave their weapons back to them.

Sadly these weapons were used killing 147 innocent Kenyan at Garissa University college by Degodia terrorist Abdirahim Mohamed Abdulahi while the Kenyan army, the General Service Unit, Rapid Deployment Units of the Administration Police and the regular police standby doing nothing when these terrorists were terrorizing Garissa and Mandera County citizens.  



April 11, 2015







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Only in Ethiopia You Can Find These (Sep06, 2007)

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