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 There is a very high tension going on between the Oromo region and Somali region of Ethiopia. By Gur Ghadrri Saturday, January 28, 2017

According to reliable information coming from Moyale, the Oromo region administration is conducting military training with their unemployed youth at several locations including Moyale, Did Guchi, Mega, Borbor, Dubuluq, Weeb and Arero areas. Those militias are being trained to wage war against the Somali region’s citizens living in Nagele Guji Zone, Qarsa Dula, Dheka district in Liba...n Zone, and Dawa Zone in Southern Ethiopia.
It was not that long ago when the Oromo raided the Somali herders at Malka Bisiqa, Bidiru, and Odda Diima killing several dozen herders before they were forced out.
Furthermore, we have received internal information from anonymous Oromo friends that the Oromo community of Minnesota have begun a campaign raising money to finance the above-mentioned militia training in Southern Ethiopia.

January 28. 2017

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