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 September 14, 2014, by GSG Special Reporter"

The Degodia politicians including Abdikadir Mohamed, and

Aden Kenan have become licensed Domestic Terrorists. The current senseless killing and attacks have been going on since Abdikadir Mohamed was declared a winner of the Mandera Central Constituency in the 2007 Kenya national election. What followed has been the killing of innocent Gharri people, and an unprecedented abuse of power by these elected officials. He began by moving the Degodia clansmen from Oddo, Ethiopia and settling them in Mandera County, Kenya in order to solidify his position in the Mandera North Constituency by increasing the Degodia population in the area for the purpose of winning the 2013 Election. However, he realized that he has no chance of winning the Mandera North Constituency after all that he did, so he quit and became the legal advisor for President Uhuru Kenyatta.                   

Abdikadir Mohamed has used the CDF funds that he received for all five years of his term as Madera Central MP by creating many villages from Rhamu through Gof cutting between El Wak and Takaba Constituencies. He has almost connected the Oddo Degodia from Ethiopia to Wajir Degodia, these villages were made illegally as an abuse of power doing so by evicting indigenous Gharri populations and replacing them with illegal undocumented Degodia people from Ethiopia who were obviously not even Kenyans.

Their dreams and ambitions were almost fulfilled before this year, when they initiated a road project financed by the Wajir County government and began constructing from Wajir to Mandera that project subsequently resulted in the recent fighting in Bormayo, Fincharo, and Gullani in the Takaba and El Wak Constituencies.  Aden Kenan and Abdikadir Mohamed created a militia and ordered them to carry out crimes not only against people, but animals as well. So, these mobsters went on a crime spree and evicted the Gharri people from 16 villages by killing residents, torching their houses, and looting and killing their animals. During his time as Mandera Central MP, the Degodia clansmen mob like terror activities went beyond anyone’s imagination and also went unpunished. The following events are an example of some of the Degodia terrorist plots that were thwarted, but somehow they got away unpunished.

Kenya administrative police and CID personnel intercepted or seized the Degodia Mafia’s delivery of illegal arms into Wajir. On about June 20, 2013, the 15 Degodia clansmen were captured along with 27 tons of illegal arms, explosives materials, weapons and ammunitions as broadcasted by KTN on June 21, 2013. Another Degodia man was captured in Nairobi while he was smuggling over 400 pieces of explosives to Wajir as it was reported by KTN on July 24, 2013. On October 04, 2013, Police in Wajir County discovered a cache of hidden weapons at the Ahmed Liban Cemetery.

Also, the administrative police seized a small scale Kenyan military uniform manufacturing facility that produces administrative Police and KDF uniforms and hats in Wajir. Furthermore, the Kenyan authorities arrested three of their local agents while they were delivering thousands of ammunitions to their domestic terrorist militia fighting in Mandera County as it was broadcasted by KTN on May 29, 2014.

They have successfully removed the Gharri people from Choroqo, Arda Garbicha, Roqa, Malka Mari, and many more like this. They still continue killing women, children, elderly and animals as seen on September 06, 2014 at Darkhale, Bannissa District. Clearly it is the work of domestic terrorists headed by Abdikadir Mohamed, President Uhuru Kenyatta’s legal advisor and Aden Kenan current Eldas MP in Wajir County.

In May 2014 alone 23 women and children were murdered including

On May 13, 2014, 3 people were killed. On May 17, 2014 5 people were murdered, on 19, 2014 12 people were murdered, and on 28, 2014, 3 more people were killed and so on. All of these killings were committed by Degodia mafia from Wajir county and carryout in Mandera County.

This is the work of a Degodia terrorist militia that is equipped and financed by the Wajir County government. The Kenyan government knows who they are, but ignore them because Abdikadir Mohamed is one of the President Uhuru Kenyatta’s legal advisors.

 Historically tension and conflicts between the Gharri and Degodia communities have been over the access of water resources during the dry seasons, but since 2008 the emerging tensions are attributed to political empowerment and land grabbing missions created by the Degodia politicians and businessmen. These kinds of terrorist acts never happened prior to the election of Abdikadir Mohamed and Aden Kenan.

These pictures shown here are proof of a calculated ethnic cleansing and forceful removal of Gharri citizens from Wajir County. Also, these politicians are responsible for the killing of hundreds of Gharri women and children, killing their livestock, the forceful removal of residents in 26 different villages aka Manyattas, including Garse location, Degmarer, Yabicho,

 Isaqora, Chabi Barki, Ashabito, Morod-diley, Dire, Sukela Tinfa, Qura Mudow, and Gof, and the displacement of thousands of other residents in Mandera North District.


Indeed this is the work of an organized Mafia operating from Wajir County.








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Only in Ethiopia You Can Find These (Sep06, 2007)

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