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The opinions contained in this Page is  solely those of the writer, and in no way, form or shape represent the editorial opinions of GARREONLINE.COM

Scapegoating local honest businesses and linking them to Somali based terrorist organization is not the answer to combating terrorism in Kenya.

In the wake of the Garissa University college students’ massacre, the Uhuru Kenyatta’s government has labeled local non-governmental organizations and honest foreign money transferring businesses as terrorist sympathizers and financiers. Subsequently, they freeze the bank accounts of 14 businesses without having any evidence to substantiate any wrong doing or involvement by those businesses and organizations.

The Uhuru government is doing this because it wants to continue receiving foreign aid coming from Western Countries by pretending to fight Al Qaeda and the Somali terrorists Al Shebab, because if they admit that they have local terrorists, they believe it will scare off tourists from coming to Kenya. However, the fact of the matter is that all the accused individuals, including the mastermind of the massacre and one of the main terrorists who massacred 147 University students, are known to be Kenyan citizens, including most wanted an ex-school teacher and a promising lawyer identified as Abdirahim Mohammed Abdulahi who was killed while he was slaughtering Garissa University students. Also, there are over a dozen Kenyans who are now in custody accused of being accessories to or aiding terrorists to commit crimes against Kenyans.

Abdirahim Mohammed Abdulahi, is the cousin of Abdikadir Mohamed, the President Uhuru Kenyatta’s legal advisor and the son of a government official. He was the head of the terrorist group that has been terrorizing Mandera county’s citizens and are behind the killings of those day laborers and school teachers in Mandera County. Also, he has been guided by Abdikadir, financed by sheikh Burhan, and trained by Major Bashir.

The government has ample evidence that sheikh Burhan has been supplying these terrorists with weapons and ammunition. Now, the local terrorists are using those weapons against the Kenyan citizens. As history shows, over half a dozen times the Kenyan CID and local police officers have seized tons of illegal weapons in Wajir, but no one has ever been charged and prosecuted or brought to justice.  Also, there was no oversight to determine what happened to the seized illegal weapons and ammunition. Where are these people that were involved in transportation of those illegal weapons?

As seen on various news articles, the Uhuru Kenyatta’s regime has accused Somali based Al Shebab terrorists for every crimes committed in Kenya, when in fact the government knows who the actual perpetrators are. However, they dare not say who the actual masterminds are.

President Uhuru Kenyatta should stop accusing innocent businesses and civil rights organizations and look into those criminals living and working amongst themselves. There are no Somali terrorists from Somalia operating in Kenya soil. The Uhuru government knows that these terrorists including the accused mastermind the terrorists, that massacred 147 Garissa University students are linked to government official and politicians including Uhuru’s legal advisor, and his uncle whose son, Abdirahim Mohammed Abdulahi was among the terrorists that were killed in the act.  This terrorist was schooled by Abdikadir Mohammed, financed by Sheikh Burhan, and trained by Major Bashir.

There is no evidence to suggest that terrorists are living and operating in Somali refugee camps as suggest by some ill-advised politicians. The Uhuru government also has no evidence that shows the involvement of the accused businesses and non-governmental organizations are financiers of those terrorists.

We believe that the real terrorists and masterminds are amongst president Uhuru’s legal advisor and his associates. Not Somali refugees and or Somalia based terrorist organizations.

The Somali terrorists did not fly in by airplanes, and did not come into Kenya by buses without the knowledge of Kenyan Security personnel.  These terrorists have been sheltered, financed, and trained by Kenyans. It is a known fact that the Kenya-Somali borders are controlled by the KDF. If so, then how it is possible for Al Shebab to penetrate into Kenya and roam around freely without being noticed or detected by KDF, border patrol agents, local police personnel and CID?

Therefore, the Uhuru government should stop using legitimate businesses, civil right organizations, and Somali based Al Shebaba terrorists as scapegoat. President Uhuru should focus on internally organized terrorists and those communities and individuals who are sheltering and guiding them, because so far, all of those terrorists who have been captured and or killed while they were committing crimes are Kenyans, not Somalians from Somalia. Also, none of them have been linked to Somali refugee camps despite the government claims.


By GSG member April 10, 2015








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Only in Ethiopia You Can Find These (Sep06, 2007)

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