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 April 01, 2015 By By Cyrus Ombati  The Standard


 Tensions are very High between the Gharri and the Borana Communities

 Tensions are very High between the Gharri and the Borana Communities. By Gur Gharri May 03, 2015

According to information received from Hudet District Western Gharri region, Southern Ethiopia, a war between the Gharri and Borana is imminent due to the Borana’s unprovoked aggression by crossing into Hudet District and establishing illegal camps at Urgo and Tulla Haji Ali.

It has been almost a year now since the Borana began playing with fire. They attempted to settle the Borana nomads at Tulla Haj Ali near Malka Adi. Now, when they failed to succeed at Tulla Haj Ali, they changed direction and created another camp at Urgo near Oroto, Hudet District Gharri administrative region, Killil5, Ethiopia. The Hudet District commission and administrators are calling the federal government to intervene before unnecessary war irrupts. So, it is expected that the Arero district and Hudet District administrators and local community elders will meet on Monday May 4, 2015 at Urgo to witness the illegal dwellings and defuse tensions between the two groups.

Less than two weeks ago the Federal government persuaded the Borana zone administrators to abandon an illegal settlement project created at Chobi location. Because, the creation of any new settlement or villages are in violation of previous agreement reached by both the Oromo region and Somali region administrations. However, the Borana Zone Administrators are acting like a blood thirsty animals, as they left Chobi they built another settlement camp at Urgo location located near El Orba, Hudet District.












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Only in Ethiopia You Can Find These (Sep06, 2007)

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