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 September 08, 2014 By GSG Reporter


  On September 6, 2014 the Kenyan interior Secretary

Mr-Joseph-ole-LenkuJoseph Ole Lenku and Police Commissioner Davdi Kimanyo went to Rhamu, Mandera County along with other elected officials for a peace mission. However, the peace mission was hijacked by 40,000,000 Kenyan Shillings that was delivered to them by Eldas MP Aden Kenan. According to eyewitnesses, rather than perusing what they went there for, upon receiving said money Kenyan security forces ordered by the Police Commissioner David Kimanyo and Mr. Lenku began beating and torturing hundreds of Gharri civilians in Rhamo on 8, 2014 and conducted an illegal military operation in Rhamo, Mandera County. Now, 7 of tortured victims are denied medical treatment and are being held in police. Also, the Kenyan Security forces have been accused of raping women and young girls as well. According to reports coming from Rhamo, Mandera County at least one of a tortured victims has died as a results of beating and torture. operation was ordered by Police Commissioner and minister of internal affair after they were allegedly paid 40,000,000 Kenya shillings by Aden Kenan. These two officials along with other elected leaders were scheduled to visit Rhamo, Mandera, and Wajir for peace missions. Upon arriving in Rhamu, the Police commissioner and minister of internal affairs left Rhamo without the rest of the peace delegates to an unknown location and were given the above mentioned 40,000,000 shillings by Aden Kenan.

Several hours later they came back and began vigorously accusing the Gharri people of being the perpetrators of the recent fighting in Mandera County, blatantly ignoring to discuss about the 35 Al Shabaab members of the Degodia militia just captured in the battle on the same day they arrived in Rhamo. The death and injuries caused by these Al Shebab terrorists are being blamed on the victims. These corrupt officials are saying that the Degodia militia were there not to attack Rhamo, but to defend themselves. They even fail to acknowledge the reality of the events unfolding around them. The Al Shabaab militia just attacked the Rhamo town and also, raided the Gharri herder and got away with thousands of animals. Instead they ordered the arrest of 6 Mandera County officials and attempted to release the Degodia Al Shabaab members captured in the battle on Sept. 06, 2014 and left the county worse off than before they came.  










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Only in Ethiopia You Can Find These (Sep06, 2007)

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