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 September 06, 2014 By Gur Gharri GSG News Contributor


 MANDERA COUNTY: 33 Degodia militia were captured in in the battle in

Rhamo,  Mandera County on September 06, 2014. On September 06, 2014, the Degodia militia raided a Gharri goat herders at Dawa River in Rhamo district. The combination of Kenyan military (KDF), General Service Unit (GSU), and police responding to gun shots intercepted a heavily armed Degodia militia before they could attack Rhamo town. Fighting ensued between the Degodia Militia and Kenyan armed forces thereafter. According information received from Rhamo, the Degodia militia was overwhelmed by KDF, GSU and police forces killed several of them, and a total of 33 militia were captured, including 6 members of Kenyan active military personal who took a leave of absence from the military. These 6 members joined the Degodia militia to fight against the Gharri people.

Also, according Noah Mwivanda a Mandera County police commander, they recovered “380 belted rounds of ammunitions, a loaded magazine, an energy enhancing drugs and assorted police and administration police uniforms, which they planning to pose themselves as security officers during the attacks.” The captured uniforms are the same as what was seized in Wajir town at a tailor’s shop and home 3 months ago.

It is shameful how the KTN channel has been broadcasting unsubstantiated and fabricated stories made up by ex-convict Aden Kenan and his nameless comrade that KTN knew was false.

This Degodia MP alleged that the Mandera County Secretary and sub-county administrators were arrested while they were delivering arms and money to the Gharri militias. 

Also, this nameless thug saying that “on the 29th of August, this year, the Garre militia disguised dressed in Kenyan police reservist uniform and transported in Mandera County Vehicles were apprehended by KDF at Salla location and Rhamo Sub County and were handed over to the police.” Again, where is the evidence?  

        Contrary to these thuggish reports from an ex-convict, it was the Degodia clansmen who were arrested while they were manufacturing KDF uniforms and delivering an illegal arms and ammunitions.










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Only in Ethiopia You Can Find These (Sep06, 2007)

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