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I say here we go again, however, the Gharri people are not surprised or shocked to hear and read what the so called Daily Nation is spitting out the most outrageous ethno phobic and laughable news of the day regarding the alleged two individuals accused of stealing a handful of ammunitions from KDF.  However, this dreadful and fictional character reporter who failed to publish his or her own name, reported that the accused thieves who are the members of KDF and allegedly stole a small amount of ammunition to make a quick buck are from the Gharri clan.

However, what this moronic parasite forget about was that, the real perpetrators were criminal gangs from the Degodia clan who were captured transporting several ton of weapons and ammunitions, known Al Shababa members who were caught manufacturing KDF and GSU Police uniforms, those who murdered 150 innocent peoples at Garissa University College, 37 day laborers, 28 educators and 14 innocent people in Mandera County are from the Degodia Clan.

But, the so called Daily Nation “dead nation” did not mentioned the name of the community that those criminals belonged to. However, in order to avert attention from the real criminals, this web page is accusing the Gharri people the same way it did when the Garissa University College massacres took place by known Degodia politicians and government employees including Chief Mohamed Abdulahi and president Uhuru’s advisor Abdikadir Mohamed who were behind these criminal gang activities either overtly or covertly.  

Therefore, since the criminals have been guided from the State House, this web page owner and publisher do not have the guts to mention the names of the real criminals’ ethnicities. But, instead he/she is fabricating lies. But, they cannot hide the fact that the criminals have been known all along by rest of the Kenyan people.

So, blaming the Gharri community for things that has been done by Degodia people is not journalistic and it is a travesty of the truth and biased in its nature and absolutely false propaganda.

However, this kind of propaganda and smear campaign that intended to browbeat the Gharri people and taint the Gharri’s name will not deter the Gharri people from defending what is theirs and protect its citizen from these marauding Degodia criminals and its associates.  

 By Gur Gharri GSG News Contributor

July 22, 2015








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Only in Ethiopia You Can Find These (Sep06, 2007)

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