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Response to the Web Page news report by adow jubat

Here We Go Again: Shame on Standardmedia. Shame on OCPD Soita Mwanja and Shame on Adow Jubat for your distorted false report dated May 13, 2014.

“The” has become nothing but Degodia’s highly paid propaganda factory. Mr. Jubat reported that “Three people were killed in Wajir County on Tuesday afternoon by armed assailants suspected to be from the rival Garre Community at Ogarale village in Tarbaj district.”

First of all, it has been documented fact that the Degodia clansmen have been engaged in land grabbing war for the past six weeks. They constructed a road from Wajir to deep into Mandera County. They have been told to stop numerous times before and they refused to do so., the 3 men killed were not innocent road constructors, but armed thugs whom were killed in a battle that they themselves had initiated. Also, they were killed at Fincharo in Mandera County, not at “Ogaralle village in Wajir County” as Jubat and Soita Mwanja claimed to validate the Degodia’s claims.

The Degodia politicians and Businessmen have been paying reporters such as Adow Jubat and Ombati of The Standardmedia, Mr. Barasa of Daily Nation, and government officials to distort issues related to peace in Northern Kenya.  These reporters and the agencies they represent are not serving the peaceful interests of Kenya by distorting truth.  The misinformation spread by these shameful reporters has already caused death and disharmony between the Mandera and Wajir County citizens. Now they are running a mock report claiming that Garre armed militias are killing innocent unarmed day laborers in Wajir County. This is nothing more than a baseless accusation and propaganda that is intended to dehumanize the Garre people. Their tactics also include labeling the Garre people as anti-peace elements in order to make the Degodia victims that need to be protected.

Despite their rhetoric, the Degodia clansmen have been on a mission to connect the Wajir Degodia with the Odo Degodia in Ethiopia since 1987 by settling their nomads in Mandera West and Mandera Central in the heart of the Gharri land.

So, the road in question is clear evidence of that mission and Wajir’s governor is paying for road construction into Mandera County.  Therefore, the Gharri Citizens have the right to defend their ancestral land regardless of who the perpetrators may be.


By Gur Gharri May 14, 2014






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Only in Ethiopia You Can Find These (Sep06, 2007)

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