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Who are the most vicious and elusive home grown terrorists operating in Kenya hiding under the name of Al Shababa, the Somali terrorists?

In the past, Ex-Mandera Central MP routinely criticizes police for neglecting their duty, even for the most trivial of grievances. However, he is disturbingly quiet when the Degodia terrorists killed over 350 people including 37 day laborer, 28 school teachers in Mandera County, and 148 Students at Garissa University College. None were from Degodia or other Somalis living in Mandera and Garissa Counties. According to Al Shababa spokeman, the reason they are attacking Kenya is retaliation for Kenya’s military presence and action in Somalia. If these killers really are Al Shebaba, then why are they only targeting the Gharri and non-Somalis? It is because those who are claiming to be Al Shabab are not really Al Shababa. They are Degodia terrorists headed by ex-MP, Chief Mohammed Abdulahi, his son Abdirahim M. Abdulahi, and many more like them who are still out there.    

These crimes were committed by Abdirahim Mohammed Abdulahi, and coordinated by his father Chief Mohammed Abdulahi, and other countrymen. Recently, they published rubbish on people’s daily attempted to link Honorable MP and the Ethiopian Sultan to Garissa University College Students’ massacre in order to divert attention and cover up their mischief.

On March 13 Abdirahim and his men were informed by his father Chief Mohammed Abdulahi of governor Roba’s itinerary. They rushed to ambush the governor’s convoy, killing three including a former Mandera County City Council member and two police officers. Seven more people sustained serious injuries.

December 02, 2014, the Degodia terrorists butchered 37 Quarry workers

November 22, 2014, the Degodia terrorists executed these 28 teachers, in execution style.

On October 15, 2014, Mandera Governor Ali Roba escaped unhurt after a powerful device exploded as his motorcade passed through Mandera town. His bodyguard was injured in the attack.

On August 4, 2014, eight men hurled a mortar-propelled grenade at the county government offices.

On July 16, 2014, a vehicle belonging to Mr Roba was sprayed with bullets at Gerti in Garissa.

On Thursday May 15, 2014, one Gharri owned passenger vehicle was ambushed.

The ex-MP has been organizing, funding and brainwashing Degodia’s youth into doing his dirty work terrorizing Kenyan citizens since 2008.

 President Uhuru Kenyatta must evict this terrorist from his statehouse. He has been giving the president erroneous and fabricated stories about Gharri people excluding the Degodia clan from the 2013 election, and also, gave him terrible advice regarding president’s announcement of 10,000 police recruits and the so called list of shame, all of which have deeply embarrassed the president. Also, the government should inquire and investigate the activities of Chief Mohammed Abdulahi and Sheikh Burhan’s bank transaction records to determine who are financing these Degodia terrorists headed by Abdirahim Mohammed Abdulahi and many more who are still at large.  Because, according to a terrorist interviews by KTN reporter, their activities have been financed by someone in Wajir. These politicians, business owners and government officials such as Chief Abdulahi should be ashamed of themselves for being the masterminds of so much death and agony.

 As the Mandera County Commissioner said during an interview by KTN reporter aired on April 13, 2015 there are no Al Shababa terrorizing North Eastern, only local terrorists using the name of Al Shababa. The government knows who these home grown terrorists are. The activities of these terrorists have been known by the Kenya’s police officers, and military personnel. However, those officers have compromised the wellbeing of its citizens and are taking bribes from these terrorists to supplement their income instead of protecting the citizens and the state, as stated in KTN report dated April 13, 2015.

April 13, 2015 by GSG member








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Only in Ethiopia You Can Find These (Sep06, 2007)

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