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How can parliament function under the martial law? Under the martial law, the existence of the parliament is questionable.

 The President is the only authority who designs and engage all the policy. Therefore, the Federal charter would be untapped for at least until the expiration the martial and the presidents resend the power he assumed under the decree of emergency. It is illogical therefore, for a parliament that has been replaced by the martial decree and their total power assumed by the President to meet and conduct a reasonable business under the martial effects.

 It is therefore, misguided to then replace the speaker of the house when infact the meeting is not legally authorized. It is also shameful for the CALOSHO USHAQESTEYASHA TO OUST THE LEGAL SPEAKER OF THE PARLIAMENT. Like usual the vultures were paid to dislodge a well like politician like Sherif.

How can a parliament under the guns of occupation meet anywhere, one can then conclude that the vultures are simply out there for their pockets; and the rumors has it that each o f the vultures were paid handsomely by some rich Majertain war incher. So we should wait until the country returns to normalcy before we accept the vulturesí verdict.                                                                         

      By Garyaqan Garre online Regular Contributor

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