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Response to the Daily Nation Web Page news reports by Lucas Barasa

Shame on Daily Nation and shame on Lucas Baraza for your fictitious reports re "Gaareland republic." and

This is an absolute travesty to Daily Nation’s stakeholders, and web visitors. The is not secessionist and does not propagate any hate. It is truly shameful that the Daily Nation broadcasts repeatedly what amounts to innuendo and propaganda intended to tarnish the Garre people’s name and create unnecessary conflicts between the Garre and the government of Kenya.

 It is clear that is paid by the Degodia politicians and businessmen to write such fictitious stories after they lost a bid to overturn Mandera North election after vote’s recounts failed them. Therefore, it is politically motivated fallacy.

The web page linking the current Borana, Gabra, and Burji fighting to the garreonline web, is a laughable and shameful story that damage its credibility as legitimate news agency. There is no shred of evidence to show that the web advocates or encourages any secessionist agenda, or hate speech against anyone. Furthermore, if the is what LUCAS BARASA implies it to be, then the Borana, Gabra and Burji communities  have nothing to do with it. Therefore, their fighting amongst themselves has no connection to this web page. We ask Mr. Lucas Barasa to show his sources to see where he got his information. Also, in what towns or locations have they spotted the Garre land republic flag? We ask the readers of nation’s web page articles to demand the daily nation to produce any written materials that supports their claim of Garre people involved in secession and or hate speech. The web is an educational site that introduces garre culture and news to the world like any other news related website. So, it is open to anyone who wishes to read and share information that he or she wishes to disclose with others. It does not preach hate against anyone or encourage any secession or  challenge the sovereignty of Kenya. For those who may have been misled by the web page, Please go and log in to and read for yourself about our policies and articles.

Also, the Garre country map covers the Garre land as it was formerly known as the Gurreh District and demarketed. “The Gurreh district comprises an area of approximately 12,450 miles as described in Gurreh district political handbook.” As it was written  by British colonial administration. “It lies in the extreme north east corner of the colony, bounded on the North by Abyssinia, on the East by the oltra Juba province of the Italian Somaliland. In the North lies the Dawa River, forming the boundary between the district and Southern Abyssinia for about 100 miles.”

These records can be found in the Kenyan national Archive. The North Eastern problems are caused by newcomers who wants to grab the indigenous Garre land and by the inability of the Kenyan government to control and punish the wrong doers’. It was not a garreonline web page that forced the Garre people from Butt in Wajir County. It was not the garreonline web page that closed the Banissa Rhamo main road. It is not the garreonline web page that caused fighting or disturbances in Garissa and smuggled explosive and weaponry to Wajir. It is not the garreonline web page that smuggled a bus full of explosive to Wajir. All those illegal arms and explosives were bought and smuggled in by Degodia people.  So, if the Kenyan armed forces and security personnel have not figured out what the cause of these problems are, then the has no capacity or credibility to discuss the problem in the North Eastern province.

So, if you want to know who has been engaging in terrorist acts in North Eastern province, please  click on the following links and find out for yourself

"The lorry belonging to a Garissa businessman is being kept under 24-hour armed guard.

The incident comes a couple of months after security personnel in Wajir town, acting on a tip-off from the public, recovered over 10 AK47s, 20 hand grenades and an assorted cache of explosives buried at a cemetery in the town.

By Gur Gharri August 29, 2013






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Only in Ethiopia You Can Find These (Sep06, 2007)

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