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 Five unarmed civilians were killed and several others were injured in Rhamo, Mandera County.


On Thursday May 15, 2014, one Gharri owned passenger vehicle was ambushed at Rhamo by the Al Shebab  sympathizing Degodia rebels. Also, two Camel herders were killed in the Takaba District at Khofole by the Degodia gunmen. However, nothing has been done by the Kenyan government. This is believed to be retaliation for the Degodia militia who were killed earlier after clashing with unknown gunmen who completely overwhelmed them.

According to a reliable source, it is estimated that the Degodia lost nearly ten militia men and a few more were severely injured.  Subsequently, the Degodia governor of Wajir County then ordered his clansmen to attack and get revenge. As a result, innocent civilians from Rhamu lost their lives.  Also, it is documented fact that the Kenyan security forces  and district commissioners have been creating disharmony among Northern Kenya and Somali clans, the same way they have succeeded in making the Pokot and Turkana fight each other.  The recent Somali community targeting was also a tool to create tension within the land to stiffle development in the Northestern Counties.  

Corruption and violence are the orders of the day.  Kenya holds a police force whose primary business is to solicit bribes instead of supporting the citizens and the state. 

 Alshabab terrorists are causing havoc while the government is provoking clan wars to change the     ire of the Kenyan people.

The Mandera incident is a classic Kenyatta/Ruto tactic they execute by enlisting corrupt      jour    nalists who are established in Northern Kenya. The primary examples are the interdicted notorious and corrupt Walter Baraza and his co-conspirator Adow Jubat.   Kenya is going down the wrong path including selling the future resources of the country to Chinese locusts, who will end up consuming the national treasures until they are fully exhausted.  Kenya needs to stop these parasites who enrich themselves at the cost of the national welfare. 

        The Garre and Degodia leaders need to stop these attempts by outsiders to cause chaos in their counties and instead, focus on promoting the economic welfare of their neglected counties.  It is time they roll down their sleeves, get down to business, and start promoting development.  It is time they move all their wealth from Nairobi into northern Kenya.  We have all witnessed what happened in Merti Borana village where the corrupt Kenyan police descended on Borana’s grieving families, wounding several village elders and families who were in attendance at the funeral.  This is what the Kenyan government does in the Northern region of its land.   It is time for Degodia to act like a brother instead of acting like a rabid dog. 


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Only in Ethiopia You Can Find These (Sep06, 2007)

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