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To Mohamud Mohammed, Takaba MP, Adan Mohamed Noora, Mandera North MP. Mohamed Abdow, Bannissa MP. Malin Ali Noor, President of Gharri Council of elders. 

We elected you to represent us, work for us, and protect and preserve our interests. Now you are ready to hand over our ancestral land to the butchers of our people and our animals. This is outrageous and we are extremely horrified by your dreadful deeds.

It was Mr. Adan Mohamed Noora who signed off Mandera East to Muralle without consulting with us, the people of Mandera County.  This is appalling and beyond belief that the people we elected to represent us are giving rewards to the butchers of our people.

It was you Mr. Adan Mohamed Noora who signed and filed a petition to sign off Rhamo to Degodia in 1995.

It was you Mr. Adan Mohamed Noora who signed off Butte and Ires Theno to the Adjuran.

So, there will be no easy ride for you to finish our land off. Because, there are other loud voices too. Therefore, think twice before you do things that is harmful to the people who elected you.

         Also, it was you Mr. Mohamud Mohamed aka “Mummad” who authorized the KDF to occupy El Wak in 2008 that resulted in over hundreds of innocent people being tortured and killed. Many more were also castrated and maimed for life.

It is you Mummad and Adan Mohamed Noora who are campaigning to turn over the Mandera North to the Degodia against the wishes of the people of Mandera County.  So, let it be known that the Gharri land shall not be sold for the highest bidders.

By undermining the interests of the Gharri people, you are attempting to fulfil the Degodia’s dreams of connecting Filtu and Wajir. So, we are asking you to stop this madness or you will be forced out by way of referendum.

To the members of the Gharri council of elders, you will be replaced because you have violated the integrity of your title and sanctity of our people’s trusts. You too must stop working against the people you serve or we will remove you as well.

To Mr. Mohamed Abdow, please just remember your campaign slogan and speeches and try to honor them. Do not violate you oath of office and respect the wishes of your constituents.

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Only in Ethiopia You Can Find These (Sep06, 2007)

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