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Inaa Lilaahi wa inaa Ilaahi raajicuun!

Allaha ah u naxariisto Faduma Aden Molu

Faduma Aden Molu passed away on June 23, 2012 in Anaheim, CA
It is natural to feel sad losing a loved one. Also, it is equally sad to see your loved one go through prolonged illness that puts a person in a vegetative stage. She suffered a lot and wasn’t able to share her feelings with anyone around her. But now, Allah has relieved her of all the pain and suffering she endured in the past few years.

So, let us not feel grief and sorrow. Instead, let us celebrate her life and the contributions she made to her community.
Faduma Molu was not just the mother of Hassan, Siraj, Embie, Ibrahim and Ali. She was also the mother of all those children living in her neighborhood. She not only raised her own children but also raised many of her grandchildren. She was a real woman and the best mother anybody could have.
was the most compassionate and generous woman that I know. She was the only woman in Gharri history that we know that adopted an abandoned Borana child who was left to die at birth.
She served
her family not only as a mother, but also filled in the role of fatherhood for many years while her husband away from home spreading the word of Allah. She was a combination of an iron lady and army captain when it comes to discipline and protection of  her children. No one would dare to mess with her children. She was fair and firm at the same time.

She leaves behind her 6 children, Hassan Sheikh Hussein, Siraj Sheikh Hussein, Embie Shekh Hussein, Ibrahim Sheikh Hussein, Ali Sheikh Hussein, Timiro Sheikh Hussein, 36 grandchildren, 13 great grandchildren and hosts of nieces, nephews and in laws.

So, let us all pray. May Allah bless her soul and give her the best paradise.

By Gur Gharri






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Only in Ethiopia You Can Find These (Sep06, 2007)

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Fatuma Aden Molu

Inaa Lilaahi wa inaa Ilaahi raajicuun!