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 OCTOBER 29, 2014 By Gur Gharri


Commemoration of Robow Haji Hassan Gababa 50 years after his death.

The Gharri people in the Western Gharri region, Southern Ethiopia will be celebrating in Commemoration of the life of our beloved and great leader late Sultan Robow Haji Hassan Gababa on November 04, 2014 in Moyale. He was killed fifty years ago today by the Haile Selassie’s Mercenaries in Garbi near Wachile on November 04, 1964. He gave his life for the sake of the Gharri people. He could have hid and saved himself while genocide was being committed against his people, but he refused to ignore his people. He said that “the Gharri people have not been decimated under my father or grandfather’s leadership and I’d rather die with them than watch them being annihilated and slaughtered.” So, he went to defend them and also died with them.

In addition, we are celebrating all of those Gharri brothers, fathers, grandfathers, and fellow friends who gave their lives defending the Gharri people, the legacy and integrity of our forefathers, and above all the land that they passed onto us. They fought so that we could pass it on to our children, grandchildren and future generation to come.

We are also celebrating Sultan Mohamed Haji Hassan Gababa’s 50 years of relentless and unwavering leadership and support he provided to the Gharri people. He took leadership right after the death of his beloved brother Robow Haji Hassan while he was a teenager himself and has served us all well. Fifty years later, he is still serving us beyond anyone’s imagination. So, let us celebrate and recognize them all not with sorrow, but with joy and jubilation. Also, let us thank those who sacrificed their lives defending us and those who are still defending our community.










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Only in Ethiopia You Can Find These (Sep06, 2007)

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