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 September 26, 2015 By Gur Gharri


Ali Ibrahim Roba, the Governor of Mandera County in Kenya, will be arriving in Anaheim, CA tomorrow for a four day seminar on Cyber Security. He is accompanied by Ms. Tamima Ahmed Ali, his Chief of staff and head of special programs; Ms. Johora Mohamed, Executive Committee member and head of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries; Mr. Ibrahim Barrow, Executive Committee Member and head of Finance and Economic planning; Mr. Mohamed Obsiye, Executive Committee member and head of Education, Culture and Sports; and Mr. Eymoi Abdullahi, Director of Investigation unit. They will be staying in California from September 27 until October 01, 2015.

Here are their Itineraries:

October 02, 2015 and October 3rd, they will be in Atlanta, GA

Contact person, Mr. Suleiman Robow

October 04, 2015 Seattle, WA

Contact person - Maalin Ibrahim

Tel. (206) 228-9965

So, let us welcome them to USA.














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Only in Ethiopia You Can Find These (Sep06, 2007)

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