Garre News Update By Mr. G. Garre Online News Contributor April 19, 2005

 The Marihaan Militia numbering in thousands assaulted the border town
of Elwaq early morning on April 18, 2005. According to news from Elwaq the fighting, was a continuation of last week's clashes when the Marihaan Militia
attempted to dislodge the Garre's out of their town. The Marrihaan
Militia who were heavily armed used battle wagon (technical) they
attacked EL Waq town from three directions. However, they encountered small but  determined Garre worriers who expected the onslaught.
According to local Garre commander, 30 Marrihaan militias were killed
and many more were wounded, while only one Garre Worriers was sustained  minor injuries. 

The Marehan are using minor children as militias and unfortunately, most of the dead and wounded the so called "SADE MILITIAS" on April 09, and April 18, 2005, were those untrained, and  under age orphaned or fatherless children. 

The Marehan clans have failed both militarly as well as politically. 1. they used the name " SADE MILITIAS" to get support from all Darod group, but it back fired on them. 2. they have used  name as "DEFENDERS OF GEDO MILITIAS "  So, far this too has not worked for them. 3. they have said it was the Oromo militias who invaded EL Waq, in order to get sympathy from Ethiopia, but that too has not worked in their favor. Still the Garre militias are in control of EL WAQ  contrary to reports by Gedonet online report. According to an eyewitness report from EL Waq,   Col. Yussuf Mohamed Abdulqadir (kanti)'s Militias have been defeated. our reporter said that Mr. Abdulqadir's persistent tribal sentiment is fanning undue tribal animosity besides causing fear and despondency among peace loving people who had co-existed in harmony for ages. His actions are cowardly
and UN Somali like for him to keep creating animosity among good people
of the province. This man is the same criminal who was behind the massacre
in El Golicha slaughtering Garre women and children as youngest as twenty days old. We call on Mr. Yussuf the President of Somalia to stern action against this criminal he is an Al itihad inciter. The man is well known  terrorist.

In the past thirteen years, he has killed many believers, and also, ordered the killing of many more innocent Somalis including those under age children he is using now as soldiers. therefore, he must be prosecuted and face justice for what he has done.