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 The creation of new Garre districts has created instantaneous unity and at the same times caused unease amongst the small minorities. While the majority of the Mandera central and Mandera West are celebrating the wonderful news, others had began making noise. I believe this is normal because, people are afraid of the unknown. So, they do not know the cause and effects yet. It has been about a week since we heard news about splitting Madera district in two. However, the government is not post the position of district commissioners and other technical staff for the new district. So, we urge the government to jamp in and put in place the administrators and technical staffs as soon as possible. The new districts will be Elwaq and Takaba both host Garre majority as inhabitant of the area.

The Garre who are rejoicing their newly acquired districts and are overwhelmingly supportive and celebrating; while the degodia are crying foul and threatening violence. The Takaba district came as surprise, after the degodia's lauched a selfish search to debacle the newly acquired district of elwaq. however, the government slapped them by giving the Garre yet another well deserved another district. The newly minted district will be headquartered in Takaba; it is very good news indeed for the citzen of Takaba, and its constituents. Because, a creation of a new district will bring economic and political empowerment to the Bakola gentil. These districts will be followed by a division in the northern portion of Wajir district that will see some gains for Garre.

Garre leaders are urging our nephews the degodias to calm down and see that any district gained by anyone in North Eastern province will eventually serve and benefit all somali within the Bahweinta somaliyeed. I will urge the Garre uphold the rights of citizens and permanent residents of this newly crated district. Letís all celebrate and enjoy our good fortunes, we also need development such as communications, roads and hospital for new districts remember do not very much rely on the Government, for we all know why they created the new districts in the first place. I urge all the inhabitant of the area to embark on the development of the new districts. Congratulation to bakolawis 

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