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Breaking news from Takaba District, Mandera County, Kenya June 22,  2014 by Gur Gharri GSG News contributor ,

 Guerilla warfare has begun between the Degodia and the Gharri people.  Heavy fighting has erupted today on June 22, 2014 between the Degodia and Gharri militias.

According information received from the area, the fighting took place between Gulanni and Qoffole locations north of the Gulanni water dam. The Degodia militias were intercepted by Gharri militias before they reached nearby Gharri villages.

The fighting lasted about 40 minutes and when it was over, 28 Degodia militiamen were killed and many more wounded. It was said that 26 AK 47’s, 1 Bazooka, and 1 Artillery machinegun were recovered from the dead Degodia militiamen. Also, 3 Gharri men lost their lives while defending and protecting their children. The rest of the Degodia gunmen escaped in disarray.

 On May 28, 2014 Degodia gunmen raided a Gharri village killing 2 herders, 20 camels and 30 Goats. Afterwards the perpetrators went to Gulanni, which is believed to be their headquarters.

Then a small but determined group of young Gharri men pursued the Degodia gunmen by following criminals’ footprints and tracking them to their base. When they reached the enemy camp at dawn this morning on May 29, 2014, the fighting started, and according to information received, 14 of those gangsters were killed and several of them were injured. The rest of them fled in disarray.

May 29,  2014 by Gur Gharri GSG News contributor ,

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